Monthly Archives: August 2017

Apple sucks at content

Apple owes a lot of its success to Steve Jobs successfully negotiating with the record labels in the runup to the launch of the iTunes music store. That success led to the rise of the iPod, which paved the way for Apple’s comeback and eventual dominance. But though it had early success with music content, Apple has really struggled in recent years in the content wars. In this video I document how Apple has fallen behind on its attempts to distribute movies, television, music, books, and news content.

The internet is finally disrupting the traditional TV industry

The rise of online video streaming is nothing new; Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have been around for years, and YouTube has become a video behemoth. That being said, traditional TV has remained surprisingly resistant to the internet’s disrupting effects while other entertainment industries like newspapers and music have been decimated. But it looks like the TV industry is finally experiencing a major shift that will result in a major exodus of TV advertisers and cable subscribers. I explain why in this video.

We’re still at the beginning of the podcast boom

Peter Kafka has a new article out on Recode about venture capitalists’ reluctance to invest in podcast companies. The reasons they cite all boil down to the podcast industry still being tiny. But, as I explain in this video, that’s the perfect reason to invest; the podcast industry will see nothing but growth over the next several years, and now is the best time to get in on it.