Are you an independent fashion blogger in need of a photographer? Try using your boyfriend

Apparently there’s a growing trend within the fashion blogosphere in which the female bloggers employ/coerce their boyfriends into photographing them:

There are ways in which it makes sense for your photographer to be the person you’re around the most. If you come across the perfect stairway for showing off your new block-heel flats, for example, they’ll be there. Romeo Pokomasse met his girlfriend, Ivania Carpio, of the Netherlands blog Love Aesthetics, when she took his picture on the street (“I thought he was hot,” she says), but initially hesitated when she asked him to photograph her. Now they have brainstorming meetings about upcoming shoots. “We’ll have an argument about who has to do the dishes, but with work we’re always on the same level,” Carpio says. (Pokomasse is taking more vacation days from his sales job because, Carpio says, “I need him more and more.”) And most of the photos on Keiko Groves’s blog,Keiko Lynn, are taken by her boyfriend, Bobby Hicks, a bartender at Milk & Honey in New York, usually on their antiquing trips upstate. But Groves says she is careful not to overwork him. “It can become more of a partnership than a romance,” she says. “I had an ‘aha’ moment when someone I knew who had the same setup had their relationship fall apart. I said, ‘Let’s take a step back.’”