Did blog posts attract more comments before Facebook and Twitter?

If you’ve been running your own blog for awhile, you probably noticed that comments started to become less frequent when Facebook and Twitter really started to come into their own. (And that’s only picked up speed with the incredible growth of the other social platforms like Google+ and LinkedIn.)

Why? Because the conversation moved to a wider public platform.

This is actually great for blogs. You get to have the same great conversations you were having in your blog comments — but now, they take place where a wider potential audience can see them.

This creates a much better opportunity for new people to find you. The social platforms are fantastic for sharing your content, but they’re also a venue for the conversations that used to be mostly limited to your comment section.

We couldn’t quiet the conversation around our content if we wanted to — and we definitely don’t want to! But we have terrific outposts where those conversations can live now.

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