Republicans are unequivocally wrong in saying that there hasn’t been a net gain in insured population

A familiar adage in GOP circles is that though millions of Americans have signed up for health insurance under Obamacare, there’s still a net loss in those insured because of so-called “cancelations” in plans. But a new RAND survey shows that not only is there a net increase in those insured, the percentage of uninsured Americans is dropping dramatically:

Washington has been tracking enrollment in Obamacare’s exchanges and, less precisely, in Medicare. The Rand study uses a nationally representative sample to track vastly more data: They know roughly how many people were buying insurance from their employers, from insurers, and much more. They also know how many people were losing insurance, either through cancellations, or because employers were dropping them, or because they just stopped paying premiums.

Add all the gains and all the losses together and you get Rand’s bottom line: 14.5 million people gained coverage, 5.2 million people lost coverage, and so the net change since 2013 was 9.3 million people getting health insurance.