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Are Macs less intuitive than Apple fans would have you believe?

Whenever you work in any facet of the tech industry, you’re often looked at in derision if you dare to walk into a room and open up a PC laptop. In many cases you’ll be the only PC in a sea of Macs, and you can feel your hipness level quickly fading until you’re half expecting the jocks from Revenge of the Nerds to come running in to deliver a fusillade of wedgies.

But as someone who has spent a good bit of time with both Macs and PCs (I’ve always purchased PCs for personal use while I use a MacBook Pro at work), I couldn’t help but nod along while reading of Austin Powell’s struggle to adapt to his new Macbook Air after a lifetime of PC use:

It takes a while to find your rhythm on any new keyboard, granted, but at this rate I’d have better luck tracking down Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s as if I’ve suffered a stroke and am having to learn to type all over again—slowly typing and pounding the space bar to ensure each key takes. It’s maddening. I was almost better off when two letters were broken. At least then I had both backspace and delete buttons to work with, and I wasn’t getting tripped up by this “command” function.

I’ve spent the last few days at work as a walking “Explain Like I’m Five”Reddit thread, seeking counsel on the simplest of matters: “How do I get all of this junk off of the navigation bar?” “How do I make an em dash?” “What’s the Mac equivalent of ‘msconfig’?” It’s humiliating.

What I’ve come to realize is that many of the things that millennials consider innate simply aren’t.