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Southern Democratic incumbents aren’t as vulnerable as you might think

Incumbency is powerful. In the South, Democratic incumbents have won 85 percent of the time since 1990, and 77 percent since 2000.

The big Republican gains in the South have come mainly in open contests without an incumbent, often after a longtime Southern Democrat retires. Republicans have won 84 percent of open races in the South since 2000 — and three of their four losses came in Virginia and Florida, states that are different from the rest of the region.

Incumbent Southern Democrats Are Less Vulnerable Than You Might Think

This is what a pro-Obamacare political ad looks like

With all the recent good news on how Obamacare is meeting and even exceeding enrollment projections (along with the CBO report predicting it’ll cost $100 billion less than previously predicted), some liberal pundits are encouraging Democratic candidates and PACs to go on the offensive and not only defend their Obamacare support, but to attack their Republican opponents on their resistance to Medicaid expansion and their promise to return us to a world of pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps on payouts, and recision. Well, at least one Democrat has heeded their advice and released this ad: