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We’re still at the beginning of the podcast boom

Peter Kafka has a new article out on Recode about venture capitalists’ reluctance to invest in podcast companies. The reasons they cite all boil down to the podcast industry still being tiny. But, as I explain in this video, that’s the perfect reason to invest; the podcast industry will see nothing but growth over the next several years, and now is the best time to get in on it.


There will never be a mainstream social media app for podcasts

Podcast industry watchers love to decry the lack of social media features in most major podcast apps, but there’s actually no market for such a tool. In the below video, I explain why podcasting is a longform medium and should be compared to mediums like books, TV, and movies — all of which don’t have mainstream social apps attached to them.

How Patreon became a major source of revenue for podcasters

Jamie Golden and Knox McCoy, hosts of Popcast.

Jamie Golden and Knox McCoy, hosts of Popcast.

Two years after Jamie Golden and Knox McCoy launched Popcast, a pop culture podcast they host once a week, they still couldn’t attract high quality advertisers despite the show’s loyal and growing audience. “We found the advertisers who were approaching us weren’t quantifying our value in any kind of tangible way,” said Golden in an interview. “And yet we had these fans who would just go to bat for us. Whatever we asked of them, they would do, and they were supportive and stayed consistent. We never saw a decrease in downloads, not one month we’ve been in existence. It’s been growth, growth, growth.”

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