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How Daily Candy and Television Without Pity paved the way for the modern internet

Despite their different subject matter and audience, both Daily Candy and TWoP were in the at first enviable position of being innovators in their fields — it’s hard to imagine a world where Thrillist, Urban Daddy, Flavorpill, Very Short List, and Tasting Table, among others, exist without Daily Candy coming first. And likewise, TWoP paved the way for every culture site under the sun doing their version of a recap. But the problem with being an innovator is when you can’t keep up with the changes around you, and that’s what happened to both these sites. Tara Ariano, one of TWoP’s founders (who has not been affiliated with the site since selling it to NBCU, and now runs Previously.tv), told me that the longform recap “feels like a relic of a time when there wasn’t video online — they really served a functional purpose. In some cases, we would hear, ‘I’m overseas, I can’t watch Angel!’ Their only recourse was the recaps.” And in an age before widespread adoption of DVR, TiVo, or OnDemand programming, Ariano recalled, people in the forums would sometimes have VHS tape exchanges of episodes they’d missed.

Why The Closing Of Television Without Pity And Daily Candy Marks The End Of An Era