Washington Post fact checks GOP claims that there’s a net increase in uninsured, finds them false

It’s become a common refrain in GOP circles to claim that the success of Obamacare’s enrollment numbers are anything but due to the number of insurance cancellations in 2013 outnumbering new signups on the exchange. While there aren’t strong data on the number of cancellations due to Obamacare vs the typical churn in the individual insurance market, several health care wonks have offered analysis saying that cancellations due solely to Obamacare were minimal at best. This hasn’t stopped the GOP from continuing to inflate cancellation numbers in order to negate any positive effect Obamacare has had on insurance signups. The Washington Post fact checkers slapped down one Congressmen in particular who conveniently went silent when asked to provide numbers to back up his claims:

Members of Congress have a responsibility to be factual and accurate, especially when speaking to constituents about federal policies. But as far as we can tell, in at least two instances Huelskamp simply invented his claim that “numbers” exist showing that “there are more people uninsured today in Kansas” since the health-care law was implemented. Not only are there no up-to-date data, but the available figures concerning young adults and exchange enrollments provide good evidence that the law has led to a decrease in the number of uninsured.

Huelskamp can be as big as critic of the law as he wants, but he’s not entitled to conjure phony facts out of thin air.